Neil Maggs

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with The Bristolian magazine – The city’s smiter of the high and mighty, or unfair trolls?

The city’s longstanding and self-proclaimed satirical scandal sheet has a reputation for not holding back on attacking local politicians and the great and the good...

Listen: Bristol Unpacked on the struggle for autism justice in the city and Somali community, with mother, campaigner and Tory, Nura Aabe

A mother of a son with autism, Nura Aabe has been a central figure in the struggle to secure better special educational needs support in...

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with the West of England metro-mayor on time in Blair’s government, plans for the region and beef with other leaders

Norris is the second in the role, following the Conservative's Tim Bowles, and brings experience and burdens as a minister in Blair's government.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Bristol Rovers new CEO on embracing the modern game while keeping true to traditions

The Gasheads have a new CEO. Tom Gorringe joined the club as commercial director in 2017 and says he is determined to drive the club...

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with the new sheriff in town, Chief Constable Sarah Crew on crime, protest and if the police can be an “anti-sexist and anti-racist” force

With Bristol likely to continue to be at the forefront of protest as well as other criminal justice issues, time will tell how Crew’s “citizens in uniform” interact with the rest of the city.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked on a £23 million gap in the council’s budget, with Craig Cheney the councillor holding the city’s purse strings

After 12 years of central government imposed austerity, that purse is much smaller than it needs to be.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked on acting in new drama Outlaws and living with real bank robbers, Longwell Record’s Ian Aitchison

What was it like acting with Christopher Walken when his previous biggest role was playing a genital wart 20 years ago? Southmead-born Ian Aitchison runs...

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with former mayor George Ferguson, on his highs, lows, beef with Marvin and being ‘radical’ as an ex-Merchant Venturer

The red-trouser wearing self-described “establishment rebel” and first and former Bristol mayor George Ferguson joins the podcast this week.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked on if Drill music is driving knife crime with youth worker Darren Alexander

In the wake of the tragic death of 18-year-old Dontae Davis in Lawrence Hill, what’s behind youth violence? And as Avon and Somerset Police have said recently, is drill music a concern?

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with new Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer on taking the fight to Labour and if the Greens are a party of government as well as protest

With Labour shifting to the right, and concern about the climate crisis starting to become mainstream, Denyer thinks this is the moment for Greens.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with actor Joe Sims on making it in the industry, and learning to be proud as a big, bald Bristolian

Joe Sims is a well known actor from Bristol. Having made it through the ranks of a notoriously elitist industry with a working class background, Joe has a lot to say on and off screen.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with the city’s ‘night Tzar’ Carly Heath on sexual entertainment, drugs on the dancefloor and the recovery of a bruised sector

After a long stint working in Bristol's nightlife, in March Carly Heath was appointed by the council as Bristol's first ever Night-time Economy Advisor.