Sean Morrison

Edition 31

‘We need to keep the local currency dream alive’

The Bristol Pound’s managing director discusses the rise and fall of the local currency project, where it went wrong, and why we should keep experimenting.

Bristol council was warned of polystyrene cladding dangers long before tower block blaze, so why didn’t it act sooner?

Bristol tower block fire fuelled by flammable cladding that’s fitted to many of the city’s high rises


An arson attack. A pig’s head dumped outside. Eccleston House residents are traumatised, and their concerns have been met with silence.

The Cable investigates how flammable cladding fuelled a fire at the tower block, the impact it’s had on the community, and why the council’s communication is making matters worse.

Future of Cities

Rethinking regeneration: Could co-design help transform Bristol’s housing estates?


Residents question why fire alarms didn’t sound after deadly tower block blaze

‘Miss Conduct’ yacht owners face misconduct claims

A protest on Monday took place outside the multi-million-pound vessel docked near Wapping Wharf, with demonstrators hoping to hold the landlord living aboard to account.

This week in Bristol: Wild swimming petition triggers council debate

Plus the latest on school exclusions, Bristol's Eurovision bid and strike action over working conditions.

Lost learning: ‘My grandson’s being failed by a broken education system’

The grandmother of a boy repeatedly removed from Bristol primary schools speaks out, as the city's mayor backs a zero-exclusions policy.

Life in Lansdowne: Calls for change from the scene of a tragedy

Easton high rise tenants tell how the death of a young woman has heightened their concerns about safety and mental health in the block.

‘This house became the gate to hell’: Bristol modern slavery victims tell of horrific abuse as ringleaders are jailed

Maros Tancos and Joanna Gomulska’s sentencing brings an end to a case charities say highlights the need to address immigration system failures that stop survivors coming forward.

‘He should have been removed long ago’

A man who exposed his genitals to women and children in a residential tower block continues to live among his victims.