Shaun Clarke


Man Up/Man Down: Talking black men and identity crises

With men’s mental health in the spotlight, this podcast covers black men and their identity.

Suffering in silence: mental health in Black communities

St Pauls’ Carnival set to return next summer


A victim of racist abuse turned to me and got me thinking

How to tackle racism in the workplace? A quiet word or public shame? Photo: Andrew Gwozdziwycz


“There are so many words that haven’t been said yet”


Street artists talk shop

Talking St Pauls Carnival: from words to action

The rewards are self-evident: a return to the splendour and beauty of Carnival. But is the event going to make a comeback? On Ujima radio...

Elimination never, elevation now!

What are the community saying about the future of St Pauls’ Carnival, and how can we bring it back to its former glory? Shaun Clarke...

MC Idren-Natural’s life in a sound system culture

An evolving UK movement through the eyes of a musical warrior.

Truth or Fiction

Illustration: Laurence Ware / Driving alone, I’m on my way, contemplating what to tell my son, Danny… Hmm… that I never had a Play-station?...