Tom Brothwell

Your Bristol Life

Listen: Bristol Food Famiglia by Steven Mitchell

Your Bristol Life is a new series of five podcasts shining a light on underrepresented aspects of Bristol's history. This BCfm series was made with the Bristol Cable, Bristol History Podcast and In The Dark.

Listen: Old Market (REMIXED) by Tom Marshman and Bernie Hodges

Listen: Henrietta Lacks by Daniel Edmund

Your Bristol Life

Listen: Skate or Cry by Jazlyn Pinckney

In this audio documentary, five women taking space in Bristol’s skateboarding scene speak to Jazlyn Pinckney. Some have just picked up a board for the first time, others have been skating for decades.

Your Bristol Life

Listen: The Bristolian Refugee by Sam Sayer

Bristol History Podcast

Listen: The Bristolian poet prodigy Thomas Chatterton who died at 17

Listen: Ann Yearsley, the working class Bristol poet who took on the slave trade

Brycchan Carey, Professor of English at Northumbria University, talks about the life and work of 18th century Bristolian poet and milkwoman, Ann Yearsley.

Listen: Meet Bristol’s ballooning pioneer Don Cameron

Cameron Balloons created the first modern hot air balloon in Western Europe, and it has since become a beloved symbol of the city.

LISTEN: Telling the stories from Bristol LGBTQ people going back 300 years

Andrew Foyle from Outstories Bristol, a volunteer community history group, discusses the stories of LGBTQ people throughout Bristol’s history from the 17th century to the present day.

Listen: How local industry profited from the slave trade

The hidden history of how the family wealth of Edward Protheroe, famous coal industrialist in the Forest of Dean, was built on the slave trade and labour of enslaved people on sugar plantations.

Listen: Healthcare in Bristol before the NHS

This week I met with Dr Michael Whitfield to discuss Bristol's dispensaries. For the two hundred years or so before the creation of the NHS in 1948, the dispensaries were one of the main providers of healthcare in Britain, especially for its poorest people. We discussed how the dispensaries opera...

Bristol History Podcast: State Surveillance in Bristol and Beyond

This week I spoke with Colin Thomas and Tim Beasley of the Bristol Radical History Group to discuss the history of state surveillance in their...