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Trapped by Young Carers Youth Theatre

acta’s Young Carers Youth Theatre has been meeting online for a few months to lay the foundations for this show. In the three days prior...

The Banality of Evil

Noel West at Tobacco Factory Theatre


His Lordship live at Exchange – Bristol

Maximum Rock’n’Roll duo His Lordship – The new project from guitarist James Walbourne (The Pretenders, The Pogues, The Rails) and Kristoffer Sonne (Chrissie Hynde, Willie...


It’s a Scorcher! by Phoenix Theatre


Banner Theatre UK Tour – “Enough is Enough”

The Star Seekers by The Wardrobe Ensemble and The Wardrobe Theatre

Have you ever dreamt of flying to the moon? Meeting an alien? Becoming an astronaut? Join star seekers Alph, Betty and Gammo on a journey...

ADHD The Musical: Can I Have Your Attention Please?

Ahead of ADHD Awareness Month this October, a musical exploring the highs and lows of having the condition is embarking on a national tour –...

Children of the Revolution

A theatrical romp through the 70s.An exciting smorgasbord of theatrical vignettes,a whistle-stop tour of your memories and of modern history.Multi-Award-winning Jonathan Brown plays, in lightning-fast...

Fairytales for Grown-ups: The Grateful and the Dead

The Crick Crack Club come to Windmill Hill City Farm's new outdoor theatre!

Greek Myths Retold: Atalanta

Spend a moonlit night in the company of wild women, cocksure warriors and gods unleashed as Ben Haggarty audaciously reshuffles epic Greek Mythology.

Fairytales for Grown-ups: The Girl Who Married a Dog

Fierce, rude, funny and seriously strange fairytales for grown-ups, told by Nell Phoenix.