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Let’s Love Ourselves

Activism Culture Workshop
  • 04/11/23
  • 12:00 - 17:00
  • From £7

More details:

“Let’s Love Ourselves” is a fundraising event, organised for the film “Ephemeral”, written and directed by Sheherazade Bodin. “Ephemeral” portrays body dysmorphia and binge-eating, as never done before, and aims to bring awareness on the matter, but also a voice to those who feel unrepresented. More than a film, “Ephemeral” is an on-going artistic project, reflecting social and humanitarian issues.

The film was shot in July, 2023, in Bristol. We now need our last push to finish it ! All the profit of the event will go towards the project.

Please keep in mind that this is an inclusive event, a safe space for everyone, where everyone is welcome. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who would go against our policy or show aggressive behaviour.

So, what to expect on the day?

Workshop 1 : “Introduction to Hair Fetish” with Beautiful Erotica

Participants need to be 18+ for this workshop, ID will be asked at the door

“For many of us the idea of Hair Fetish is a new one. Discovering this topic a few years ago has led me down a very interesting and vast trip of discovery.

This workshop will introduce you to the topic and the various kinks under the umbrella of the term “Hair Fetish”. Once you’ve started thinking about hair, hair play and hair fetish you’ll see it everywhere, most likely find parts of it in your life too.

There will be a demonstration of basic hair play, techniques, toys and hair products. Afterwards there will be a time where you will be able to try out what you’ve learnt if you would like to. It is always your choice on how you participate. Everything to do with your body depends entirely on your comfort level.

To get the most out of the workshop I highly recommend coming with someone who you are comfortable to practice what you’ve learnt about hair play, also BYOB, bring your own brush.

Questions and comments are always welcome throughout the workshop but there will be a dedicated time at the end for this as well.” – Beautiful Erotica

Workshop 2 : “Body Image Breakthrough” with Rebel Girls Club

“This one hour workshop special will dive deep into the complexities surrounding the history of poor body image and the beauty industry. Through individual reflection, group discussion, creative exploration and curated activities we will be challenging worn out ways of being and implement tools and solutions that will help us collectively heal and better understand : That our bodies are not the problem, our bodies never were the problem.

You will leave with some concrete actions, resources and insights to support you with the continuation on your journey towards body celebration. We cannot wait to meet you. Because indeed, Let’s Love Ourselves.” – Rebel Girls Club


Iman Sultan West is a Pakistani/White British poet, artist and curator. As director and co-founder of @shiiku._community, she aims to create intentional and safe spaces for the people of Bristol. Their poetry uses humour and rhythm; weaving a path to understanding heritage, neurodiversity, mental health, queerness and relationships.

  • Shervin “Riptides and shore lines”, an intimate journeying into the sea within and the ripples between, through poetry and sound.

Shervin finds expression through writing, the visual arts and dancing. She blends these platforms into her work as a psychologist, and explores the body and psyche’s inherent and intuitive calls to healing.

  • More to be Announced

Art Exhibition

The public will have the possibility to buy the artwork if they wish to


  1. Two tickets to Everyman Cinema Bristol
  2. Two Yoga sessions with South Bristol Yoga
  3. One handmade Jesmonite Nipple Magnet by Ellen Downes
  4. Five free yoga classes with The Wildbox
  5. Two Complimentary Packages (photoshoot and print) with Clifton Photographic
  6. And many more !

Food and Drinks

You will have the possibility to get delicious cakes (sponsored with love by Neck of the Wood), savoury pastries, hot drinks, popcorn and juices throughout the day !

This is a no-alcohol event

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