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A morning with activists taking direct action against immigration enforcement

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From St Pauls to Syria: Why this young woman and Kurds in Bristol are struggling for justice from afar


Activists block Filton arms companies to protest Turkey’s invasion of Syria


George Monbiot: ‘Bristol airport expansion is like a gun pointing at the heart of the planet’


5G rollout raises urgent questions about high-frequency health impacts


How disaster in the Caribbean affected the community in Bristol

Banner Home Page Moving On: Racism Against Travellers

Tory MP wants to get rid of sites and move Travellers into houses


Bristol pupils strike to demand politicians act on climate crisis

Opinion Fight For Fair Air

Opinion: We need our stoves

Every week in Patchway, dozens of people face the long arm of the hostile environment


Interview: Kingswood man facing controversial deportation


Europeans in Bristol caught in the Brexit crossfire

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