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Bristol Mayoral Referendum

Bristol goes to the polls again in May to decide whether we should scrap the mayor, just 10 years after we decided we wanted one. The alternative is a committee system made up of local councillors.

Feeling confused? We’ve got you. We’ll be explaining the basics and covering the issue in depth, with articles, videos and podcasts.

What's it all about?

Bristol’s mayoral referendum explained in one minute

With ballot boxes appearing in the post but precious little information as to why, here's a brief guide to what's happening in May.

WTF is the mayoral referendum? Your questions answered

Everything you need to know ahead of Bristol’s vote on keeping the mayor or switching to a committee system.

How Bristol is run isn’t just a political debate. It impacts our everyday lives. 

We should care about the mayoral referendum in May because the importance of local democracy goes beyond the media and political bubble.

Bristol Unpacked Referendum Specials

Bristol Unpacked Paul Hassan, the community sector leader who says a mayor is best for the city and the vote is ‘self-indulgent’

Bristol Unpacked Nicola Bowden-Jones, the ex-Labour councillor who says the mayoral system is 'sexist and anti-democratic'

Bristol Unpacked Ellie King, the Labour councillor coming out to bat for the mayoral system and take on critics

Bristol Unpacked Alex Hartley, the Lib Dem councillor that forced the vote on the future of Bristol’s political set-up

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What makes us different?

The referendum in-depth

Bristol Mayoral Referendum

Work underway to build new committee system after referendum vote to scrap mayor

A group of councillors from different parties is being set up to design the new system coming into force in 2024.

The Cable view: Time to build a new political system in Bristol

Pressure, visibility, corruption: Mayoral power across the UK

Corruption scandals, historic referendums, forced-out police chiefs and battles with the government. As Bristol considers going mayor-less, we take a look at the picture in other cities and regions...

Bristol’s mayoral referendum: How did we get here?

Ten years and two mayors on, Bristol’s holding another vote on how the city should be run. But what has led us to this point?

How could the mayoral referendum result impact Bristol’s creative industries?

Some argue that the city needs a figurehead to guide its creative trajectory, but is it really that simple?

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