Illustration showing need for more diversity in the media (credit: @laurence_ware_design)

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We’re working to diversify the Cable team. Let’s start with our freelancer base

The Cable exists to challenge the structure of the media, but we are not representative enough of our city. Here’s what we’re doing to change things.

Revealed: Carpentry firm that switched names and pocketed deposits now under investigation

Two years after Bristol’s Kill the Bill unrest, protesters condemn ‘unjust’ sentences and the media narrative

Cable Community News

MPs recommend government funding to ‘revive’ local journalism

In a new report, MPs acknowledge that local journalism is in crisis, saying major outlets have compromised quality for clicks and more funding is needed to support local public interest journalism.

A copy of the Bristol Cable on a yellow background with a front cover about rent controls. A blue silhouette holds a placard that reads "no rent increase".

In Disrepair: Bristol's broken renting system

Cable reporting inspires action on rogue landlord database

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The Bristol Cable wins funding for ‘The Future of Cities’ solutions series

5 things the Cable learned this year

As we reflect on 2021 and welcome 2022, one thing is clear: together, we can reshape the media and with it, our city. 

Why we’re dedicating time to investigate the renting crisis in Bristol

We’ve been collecting the experiences of readers to investigate how Bristol’s rental market has gotten even tougher since the pandemic.

The Cable is fighting back against tech giants and corporate publishers. But now we need you.

We're facing a very uncertain future, and need your support to keep going

Why investigative local journalism needs your support

Traditional local news is in decline. People power is the way to dig into the stories that really matter.

Cable editorial: The big story behind Bristol’s local election isn’t who won, but who voted.

The Cable editorial team on what the results mean for our city as the dust settles on the elections.

Bristol Citizens’ Agenda: priorities for the local elections

Hundreds of Cable readers have shared what matters to them the most in the upcoming local elections.