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What next for Bristol’s renting crisis?

Politicians and campaigners gathered to discuss how we can transform renting in Bristol and push the government to pursue long-promised reform.

The controversial Voi e-scooter trial will be extended. Here’s what Cable readers think.

A lifeline? A menace? Cable readers weigh in on safety concerns and how the scheme could be improved.

Anxious or relieved? Cable readers on ‘living with Covid’ plans

Most readers who shared their views were against the lifting of rules on self-isolation and the end of mass testing from April. But some welcomed the new freedoms.

How do you feel about the end of Covid restrictions?

This week, the government announced it’s ‘Living with Covid’ plan – the end of restrictions in England. We want to know how people in Bristol feel about it.

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‘A monumental moment in history’: Cable readers react to the Colston 4 being cleared

Most readers expressed support for the Colston 4 and criticised past inaction from the council, while others had concerns about what their acquittal meant for the fate of other statues.

A look back at our 2021 AGM

Not your average media shareholder meeting.

Have you experienced problems with your landlord since the pandemic started?

We want to investigate rogue landlords, poor conditions and council enforcement to help inform the debate on solutions.

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5 things the Cable learned this year

As we reflect on 2021 and welcome 2022, one thing is clear: together, we can reshape the media and with it, our city. 

Why we’re dedicating time to investigate the renting crisis in Bristol

We’ve been collecting the experiences of readers to investigate how Bristol’s rental market has gotten even tougher since the pandemic.

Culture or news? Vote to shape our editorial priorities

We want to expand our reporting, and we need your help to decide how to do it. We believe journalism should make a difference. Whether...

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Tell us your experiences of struggling to rent in Bristol

After publishing an investigation into evictions since the government ban introduced during the pandemic was lifted, we want to hear about the experiences of people in Bristol struggling to find somewhere to rent.

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