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Edition 1

Edition 1 : Autumn 2014


Who owns your media?


The cost of cutting youth services


Going Out in Style

Ideas And Action People's History

Blacklisting in Bristol: “Keep your mouth shut and keep your head down”

City Voices

“We are not allowed a state on the ground, so we create one online.”

Voices Features

Breaking a glass ceiling: young Somali women reflect on their political activism

Investigations City Ideas And Action

Exclusive: Bristol City Council links to firms working in scandal-plagued Qatar

Investigations Ideas And Action

An Investigation: Bristol’s Catering Sector


Wage Cap Poll- You decide!

Photography Reports Visuals

Photos: Inside Bristol’s Kitchens

Ideas And Action Features City

Fifth Capital’s Carriageworks redevelopment: “a degree smoke and mirrors.”

People's History Interviews

Watch: Blacklisting in Bristol – Interview

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