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Edition 1

Edition 1 : Autumn 2014

Edition 1

Who owns your media?

The cost of cutting youth services

Going Out in Style

Black listing title - By Sam Knock

Edition 1

Blacklisting in Bristol: “Keep your mouth shut and keep your head down”

From the 1966 Bristol Dockers Strike, building the M32, Cabot Circus and sweeping Bristol’s streets today, workers who campaigned for better workplaces were ‘blacklisted’. Drew...


“We are not allowed a state on the ground, so we create one online.”

Edition 1

Breaking a glass ceiling: young Somali women reflect on their political activism

Exclusive: Bristol City Council links to firms working in scandal-plagued Qatar

Photo: Flickr/Habeeb-Mohammed-Abu-Futtaim The Bristol Cable can reveal that Bristol City Council has contracts with two companies that also operate in the scandal-plagued construction sector of...

An Investigation: Bristol's Catering Sector

Coordinated by Adam Cantwell-Corn. Contributions by Alon Aviram, Alec Saelens, Ricardo Grande and Rebecca Miller. Photography: Alfie Lake. Graphic design: Laurence Ware. Many people have...

Wage Cap Poll- You decide!

  Throughout history many have argued for a cap to limit top pay in companies and organisations, from ancient Greek philosopher Plato to J.P Morgan,...

Photos: Inside Bristol's Kitchens

For most people restaurant kitchens are a place they know little about, unseen beyond fleeting glimpses through briefly-open doors. I spent time in a number...

Full Catering Results and survey method

Making the sample representative We strove to make our sample as representative as possible. Using a common method, we calculated: In order to have 95%...

Fifth Capital’s Carriageworks redevelopment: “a degree smoke and mirrors.”

A planning proposal to be submitted this autumn by property developer Fifth Capital could kick-start the redevelopment of the long derelict Westmoreland House and Carriageworks...

Watch: Blacklisting in Bristol - Interview

Watch an exclusive video with Jerry Hicks blacklisted Bristol worker and Phil Chamberlain, a freelance journalist about to publish a book ‘Blacklisted’. He is also...

Dodgy landlords and a community union in Bristol

Maria, a resident in Easton, tells her all too familiar story of dodgy estate agents, the troubles of finding a house in Bristol, and a...

The Glorious Dead

In this article we take a look at some of Bristol’s pacifists, objectors and mutineers and the struggles they faced during World War 1.

Listen: Bristol WWI poem read by Bristolians today

100 years after ‘The Great War’, we bring to life the voice of Isaac Rosenberg, a soldier poet from Bristol who was killed at the...

In other news....

A short round-up of interesting events taking place around the world. By Maria da Silva  

"These homes need people!"

The Bristol Cable, visited the Focus E15 Mothers in Newham, East London, who occupied empty flats, turning them into a social centre and open house...

Back to the kitchen!

Ari Cantwell,  co-founder of the Coexist Community Kitchen, writes of the importance of food and free time.

Ghosts at the Feast

Arvind Howarth looks at the experiences of rough sleepers in Bristol’s town centre

Life Expectancy - Infographic

by Emily PooleStaring at excel spreadsheets can make hard reading. In this infographic, designed by Emily Poole, we look at life expectancy by train stop....

Living Wage Infographic - Time and Money

Living Wage Info Graphic- £6 Billion

Mass Grave of Victorian Paupers discovered in Eastville

A mass grave of Victorian workhouse paupers has been discovered in Eastville. Who were they and what did they endure? By Di Parkin. Illustrated by...

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