Edition 10


Avonmouth, the Merchant Navy and Sailors’ Tales

Veteran Merchant Navy men and women in Avonmouth, Bristol bobbed along to the melodies of their youth as they watched a community play about sailors' tales.

Legal aid cuts keeping refugee families apart

Bristol's DIY communities

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Bristol’s role in arming the world

Fighter jets with engines manufactured in Patchway are dropping missiles designed in Filton on Yemen. But can the defence sector be re-shaped to provide real security?

Edition 10

You need the Cable and the Cable needs you!


The rise and fall of Bristol’s print industry

Forget the vinegar, the real reek is inaction on glyphosates

Forget the vinegar, the real reek is inaction on glyphosates...

Meet the man desperately trying to frack the South West

Somerset is the latest target for Gerwyn Williams, who’s been leading a one-man dash for gas throughout Wales and the West Country. Lucky for the county, he’s got a pretty thin track record of actually getting near any drills.

Children with ME need relevant science, not pressure to do more, more, more

An advocate and campaigner living with ME explains why she opposes Bristol University’s trials on children with the condition.

Plugging Bristol’s energy gaps

An old and draughty housing stock, high energy consumption and fuel poverty mean tackling energy inefficiency must be a priority for our city

How the ‘housing crisis’ is a crisis of policy, profiteering and politics

Housing development policy is marked by secrecy and misleading definitions. But can it be pushed back?

The offshore companies and billion pound corporations stealing Bristol’s homes

Four recent major applications reveal a picture of profiteering from the housing crisis

Not business as usual

Bristol’s small and medium-sized business sector is ethnically diverse – but BME-led businesses face barriers to growth and success. Could 2017 be the year when the city finally starts to celebrate its diverse business community instead?

No more National Health Service

Sustainability and transformation plans are the Department of Health’s latest scheme to try to prevent the NHS slamming into the brick wall it’s accelerating towards. But are they going to work?

Chasing hard facts in a post-truth world

Depending on your political slant, the year just ended was a time of incredulous horror or a breath of fresh air. A globally turbulent 2016 saw Western societal foundations trembling and – on the surface at least – perceived elites showing cracks.

Revealed: The troubling trickle-down of phone-cracking technology

Avon and Somerset is one of at least 29 UK police forces forensically examining mobile phones. We reveal the powerful technology being targeted at low-level crime, and the serious security breaches it's enabled in the hands of local officers.