Bristol and Beyond

A picture of Somalis in Bristol

An intimate look at one of Bristol’s biggest communities.

Bringing the fight against apartheid to Bristol

OCD: fighting a battle inside my head


Schools, children’s data… and immigration enforcement

The Cable interviews Jen Persson, director of the national campaign defenddigitalme, which aims to stop the government sharing the personal data of millions of children with a plethora of third parties – and the Home Office.


Clash Of The Skaters: Bristol Roller Derby

Ideas and Action

Collective re-organisation

‘Rovers against racism’ – but is that enough?

Bristol Rovers just had their most successful season for 17 years, but barely any BAME fans saw them do it live.

We need a public good when times are bad

Communities and public services are suffering, the political landscape is in tumult and you can’t go five minutes without hearing somebody shout ‘fake news’.

The rise of right-wing Bristol millionaire Arron Banks

How did he get from a trading estate in Patchway to Trump’s golden elevator?

Ice cream scandal: the Lopresti business investigation continues…

Earlier this year we exposed the underpayment and poor working conditions at the Lopresti ice cream and property business. The allegations keep coming in.

The News in Brief: Cuts, and consultations about cuts

The News in Brief section of this edition's paper was dedicated almost entirely to the upcoming cuts to council services, which are out to consultation. The latest round looks to shave a few million pounds from support services to people with physical or mental health issues, the public toilets a...

Warnings about new synthetic drugs deserve to be taken seriously

Governments have cried wolf about drugs in the past, but warnings about new synthetic drugs are justified.