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Edition 23

Edition 23

Watch: Vulnerability, escapism and creativity, my experiences of lockdown as a young Bristolian

Lockdown left young people in the city feeling stranded, dislocated from their usual connections. Here, a young aspiring writer reflects on school, writing and the new sense of self-confidence that grew over those months

The problematic past of the Merchant Venturers

Watch: "Britons never, never have been slaves?"

Edition 23

Air pollution close to pre-lockdown levels as battle for solutions hots up

The mayor and council have changed their mind, and want to reduce air pollution without charging drivers, but critics are calling time on yet more delays.

Edition 23

Police intelligence links disappearance of Linda Millard to gangland murders

Ideas and Action

Not all heroes wear capes. Many wear PPE. NHS staff protest for fair pay

In Bristol

The essential round-up

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