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Edition 26

What connects the West of England with deforestation in West Papua? Is there a ‘postcode lottery’ determining exposure to toxic pesticides in Bristol? Is ‘saving’ every tree nonsense?

We look at all these questions, plus more, in the Summer 2021 edition of the Bristol Cable. Now 30,000 copies of 32 pages of exclusive investigations, original opinions and solutions and making their way across Bristol.

We made a commitment to explore how big climate issues are impacting people in Bristol and beyond – using journalism as a tool to connect local and global problems, and find solutions.

These conversations simply aren’t happening in the pages of other local newspapers. We’re doing things differently, and thanks to your support of 2,600+ we can report on the issues that matter.

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Edition 26

A space for people to come together and know their rights: the Bristol Unemployed Workers’ Centre

Unemployment has soared during the pandemic, and things are probably going to get worse. The organisers of a new project for people who have lost their jobs say they’ll offer practical support – and solidarity at a time when many are feeling ‘atomised’.

From factory boss’s daughter to community organiser – meet Bristol’s first woman councillor

St Anne’s: in the block and woods

Coronavirus in Bristol

Long Covid and the frontline of mass unemployment

Over a million people are still unwell months after catching Covid-19. With sick pay quickly running out, thousands could lose their jobs and face financial ruin.

Bristol and the Climate Crisis

‘Saving every tree is not the answer’

Coronavirus in Bristol

How can schools address the long-term impacts of Covid-19 this academic year?

Turning down an MBE? ‘It was one of the quickest decisions of my life’: Interview with author Nikesh Shukla

Award-winning Bristol-based writer Nikesh Shukla talks refusing an MBE, going from rapper to writer and returning to community activism.

Why Bristol Rovers have joined the campaign for football reform

English football is dominated by big clubs and billionaire owners. But calls for a fairer football pyramid are more prominent than ever.

Swimming in Bristol Harbour is possible. How can we make it happen?

We talk to Julien De Smedt, the architect behind Copenhagen’s first and best-known swimming harbour bath, and Johnny Palmer, founder of local campaign group Swim Bristol Harbour, about what it takes to make a harbour swimmable.

A toxic chemical is being sprayed in Bristol despite pledges, but progress is being made

That circle of dead grass or shrivelled weeds surrounding a bench in a park is probably caused by a weed killer at the centre of a long-running controversy.

New details revealed about fatal Avonmouth explosion at Wessex Water plant

It has been more than eight months since the Wessex Water explosion killed four workers. Families, friends, and colleagues await the inquiry’s findings, with no end date in sight.

High-rises under scrutiny as council considers rebuilding social housing

Homes at Kingsdown and Lawrence Weston are the first focus of estate regeneration plans, but new housing boss pledges to put tenants at heart of decisions over whether any blocks come down.

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