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Edition 3

Edition 3 : Spring 2015

Ideas And Action City

Reclaiming football for all: presenting the manifesto for a better game


Is mental health a social justice issue?

Visuals Infographics City

Making Bristol Housing Unaffordable?

Film Reports

Watch: Get a Job!

Voices Ideas And Action Features

Between the Ballots


Candidate campaign promo – colourful tactics?

Features Ideas And Action Debate City Voices

Avonmouth: have parties failed working class voters?


Somali: Codka Soomaalidu saameyn intee leeg ayuu doorashada 2015 ku yeelan karaa?


Will Somali voters determine Bristol’s 2015 General Election?


Faith in politics

Ideas And Action Voices Bristol And Beyond

What’s the Human Rights Act ever done for you?


Just what have our MPs been up to?

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