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Edition 3

Edition 3 : Spring 2015

An antidote to extremism?

A Bristolian Muslim’s perspective on countering extremism in all forms.

Representing you? Young people on the elections

Dr. Ed, a young Hip Hop artist, spoke to young people on who they’ll be voting for, if it all, and gives two cents on...

The drugs (policies) don’t work

The war on drugs has failed, but is drugs reform really just a pipe dream? Kitty Webster investigates.

Inequality vs education

Click to enlarge. Educational attainment, Obesity Levels and Deprivation hint at Inequality across Bristol.

Housing problems, unviable solutions

View Infographic Developers’ strong hand helps to squeeze Bristol’s supply of affordable homes

Darren Hall: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then you win.”

Can the Greens reach out beyond their liberal middle-class heartland to secure a victory? Joe Smith spoke with Darren Hall, the Green Party candidate for...

Fringe benefits: who are the ‘other’ candidates running for Bristol this General Election?

From painting Bristol’s cranes to look like giraffes, to parties proposing radical anti-austerity policies, what makes Bristol’s smaller parties tick? Arvind Howarth finds out.

An age old question in Bristol: Elections or direct actions?

130 years ago Bristol workers made a direct challenge to the power structure of the time.

Money In Politics

Click the image to enlarge This exclusive research by The Bristol Cable shows some of the influence of Money in Politics and democracy in Bristol...

Edition 3: Co-op Note

Intro to Issue 3 – Is The Bristol Cable political? We were stood on Prince Street Bridge on a chilly February evening, handing out issue...

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