Cooking up a storm: The project tackling Bristol’s rising food poverty

The Mazi Project provides pre-portioned meal kits to marginalised young people to address food poverty in the city.

‘I was finally diagnosed with ADHD at 25. Would I have got this sooner if I was a boy?’

‘I needed therapy after I gave birth, but now I’m going it alone’


A fresh approach to regulating e-scooters would help both consumers and the industry

Extended e-scooter trials hand operators such as Voi an effective monopoly on local use. More thoughtful regulation would be fairer, and could help drive the innovation the technology needs to prove its green credentials.


Rogue landlord yacht owner turns to Airbnb after fleecing tenants’ of their deposits


Delays with at-home sexual health tests leave Bristolians with a sense of frustration

Taking back control: is bus franchising the route out of Bristol’s public transport chaos?

Metro Mayor Dan Norris says he is open to Bristol taking greater public control over its bus services, but he is currently lagging behind other regional leaders who are pushing ahead with reforms in an attempt to improve vital bus services.

‘When you dance with other people, amazing things happen’: The value of Bristol’s nightlife

Bristol's nightlife isn't just about escape and excess, research shows nightclubs can have beneficial impacts on mental health and wellbeing.

Exclusive: Police paying out damages to protesters on hundreds of claims

Avon and Somerset police are counting the cost of recent protest crackdowns.

A population explosion is coming to Bedminster. So what does the future look like?

A wave of new housing developments is coming to Bedminster, Southville and Windmill Hill. So a new community project asks what the future should hold for the area.

Turbo Island got tarmacked, was there a better alternative?

An outpouring of posts eulogising the wonders of Turbo Island poured forth on social media, bemoaning the loss of a “cultural icon”. But what does it mean for Stokes Croft?

Bristol City Council investigates notorious property boss for potential breach of legal order

In 2022, landlord Mushtaq Ahmed was fined £3,000 and given 150 days to clean up three dilapidated buildings in Bristol – but there’s been little sign of improvement since.