Bristol and Beyond

The offshore companies buying Bristol – courtesy of our council

Bristol City Council have made an estimated £126m from leasing properties to secretive offshore registered companies based in the Isle of Man, Jersey, the British Virgin Islands and Guernsey.

Help! Help! To Southmead Hospital (via Guernsey)

Destination climate disaster … Via Bilbao

Edition 5

The University of Bristol’s millions in fossil fuels… and what we can do about it

You can’t be green and invest in Shell...


An unusual WW1 hero from Bristol


Super (Waste) markets

The history of struggle at Avonmouth Docks

The Avonmouth Docks have been a site of dispute since opening in 1877 as detailed in these six events from 1923 to the present day.

Taking initiative: refugees in Bristol

The framing of a ‘refugee crisis’ has led to new expressions of solidarity across Bristol, including organised demonstrations, the organisation of convoys to Calais, and widespread enthusiasm for the organisation of homestay accommodation for displaced refugees. However, this form of organising i...

An ethical minefield: Bristol University’s corporate partnerships.

What role should questionable industries play in publicly funded educational institutions?

Holding Green Capital accountants to account

In August 2014, it was announced that KPMG would be one of Bristol Green Capital's (BGC) private sponsors, alongside First Group. Details of what, exactly, this sponsorship entails are yet to be made public.

Get tooled up with the Bristol Cable!

Free workshops and events for co­op members: for a city that owns and creates honest and challenging media. Telling it how it is!

TTIPing the balance

Are secret negotiations further tipping the balance in favour of corporate power?