Wha’ gwan me babber?

Bristol’s annual quality of life survey yields some interesting results

Enough is enough. Surveying sexism at work

A people’s history of St Pauls

Edition 6

The Lord Mayor’s Party

Ever wondered what the Lord Mayor’s world is like?


The council’s heavies are coming round…

Edition 6

‘Flexibility works both ways’: Bristol’s zero‐hours lifestyles

On (not) joining the Clifton Club

What does it take to enjoy a life of leisure at one of Bristol’s most exclusive institutions? We’re not entirely sure...

Desde Barcelona a Bristol / From Barcelona to Bristol

Una historia de la migracion de España: ¿Qué se busca ­ y que se encuentra ­ en esta ciudad? / A story of migration from Spain to Bristol: what do people look for here, and what do they find?

More than just a kickabout

From Easton to the West Bank – how Bristol football team the Easton Cowboys use the power of the game to champion social inclusion and international solidarity

Who owns your local media?

A look at the ownership structure of Trinity Mirror, the company behind Local World and Bristol Post

It’s not all strikes and marches: Bristol’s struggle for fun, leisure and knowledge

Our city has a history of politically involved communities who love to walk, sing, and dance. All with a sharp sense of social justice, mind...

Don’t blame hipsters or migrants for the housing crisis..

Exclusive Cable analysis shows the council needs to up the ante in the fight for a liveable city