Edition 6


Wha’ gwan me babber?

Bristol’s annual quality of life survey yields some interesting results

Enough is enough. Surveying sexism at work

A people’s history of St Pauls

Edition 6

The Lord Mayor’s Party

Ever wondered what the Lord Mayor’s world is like?


The council’s heavies are coming round…

Edition 6

‘Flexibility works both ways’: Bristol’s zero‐hours lifestyles

On (not) joining the Clifton Club

What does it take to enjoy a life of leisure at one of Bristol’s most exclusive institutions? We’re not entirely sure...

Desde Barcelona a Bristol / From Barcelona to Bristol

Una historia de la migracion de España: ¿Qué se busca ­ y que se encuentra ­ en esta ciudad? / A story of migration from Spain to Bristol: what do people look for here, and what do they find?

More than just a kickabout

From Easton to the West Bank – how Bristol football team the Easton Cowboys use the power of the game to champion social inclusion and international solidarity

Who owns your local media?

A look at the ownership structure of Trinity Mirror, the company behind Local World and Bristol Post

It’s not all strikes and marches: Bristol’s struggle for fun, leisure and knowledge

Our city has a history of politically involved communities who love to walk, sing, and dance. All with a sharp sense of social justice, mind...

Don’t blame hipsters or migrants for the housing crisis..

Exclusive Cable analysis shows the council needs to up the ante in the fight for a liveable city

Destination unknown: Trinity Mirror, the Bristol Post and the erosion of local media

Taking the ‘local’ out of Local World, and the journalism out of our media

Football has a problem. Where are the tools to fix it?

How can we help our football teams reflect the diversity of our local communities?

Tony Blair is right to call himself a nincompoop,

but not because of the Freedom of Information Act

Talking on the clock: Bristol’s ‘new factories’

Despite perks, testimonies of call centre workers show old­fashioned working methods continue today.

Why is my curriculum white?

Students in Bristol are challenging the status quo of what and how we learn.

Party with the Cable! 23rd January.

Enough of the journalism etc for a minute. Come check out some banging Bristol bands. Half price at 3 quid for members. 6 quid for...

Bristol: a city of shirkers, or over-workers?

How do you claw back a little time from the grind?

'It's nasty and it's bullying': sexism and the council

As with most local authorities, Bristol's councillors are mostly male – and some bad attitudes have been surfacing of late. What can be done to level the gender playing field?

A place to shoot up

How the UK’s drug policy is lagging behind other countries’ “Injection rooms for addicts to open next year in drug law change,” says Irish minister

Much more than small talk and a trim

A revered ritual. A rare and grudging trip for the mirror-shy. A Friday night ceremony before going on the weekly lash. Going to the salon or the barbers is more than just small talk and a trim.

A crucial year for our city.

A few words from the editorial collective...

The “efficiency savings” making the council inefficient.

As the council faces up to another 40% of cuts, or so-called ‘efficiency savings’’ in 2016, we take a look at the record so far with a particular focus.