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Edition 7

Edition 7: Spring 2016


What future for a gentrified Bristol?

Faced with rising inequality, gentrification and a world gone mad, where will Bristol go?

Jobs for guns: Bristol MP's ties to defense contractors

Behind the bike: Bristol's bicycle couriers talk their trade


At last, there's hope for Bristol buses

After decades of damaging public transport deregulation, there's a chink of light on the horizon for cities like Bristol.

Edition 7

A complicated victory: Bristol, European City of Sport 2017

Edition 7

Mustaqbalka Xawaaladaha

A lifeline: Stapleton Road to Somalia

Stapleton Road, Easton: another corner shop selling snacks, drinks and fags. But this one, like hundreds across the UK, doubles up as an international banking terminal.

Bristol's housing puzzle: self-help and mutual aid

Housing will present an unpleasant puzzle for Bristol's next mayor, whoever they may be. Tessa Coombes offers solutions.

Bristol's housing puzzle: tame a perfect storm

Housing will present an unpleasant puzzle for Bristol's next mayor, whoever they may be. Nick Ballard weighs in.

Bristol's housing puzzle: Redefining "Affordable"

Housing will present an unpleasant puzzle for Bristol's next mayor, whoever they may be. Jules Birch gives us his take.

Bristol’s housing: challenges, ideas and priorities

Housing will present an unpleasant puzzle for Bristol’s next mayor, whoever they may be. We asked three experts for their slant on tackling it.

Bristol's appalling state of elderly care

Bristol's old age care sector is in chaos and needs a sustainable, long term strategy to deal with the city's growing number of elderly residents.

The so-called exclusives of Bristol media...

The best of the city’s (other) local media bravely fighting the good fight…

MC Idren-Natural's life in a sound system culture

An evolving UK movement through the eyes of a musical warrior.

The neighbourhoods who hold Bristol's balance of power

Which way will you swing?

The real cost of Uber's cheap rides

As smartphone taxi company Uber takes off in Bristol, we ask if low prices are part of a bigger picture that may threaten Bristol's economy.

Bristol Cable women's roundtable: "This is not a democracy"

Four young women on their thoughts and feelings on democracy in the everyday.

Too many old white men: the problem with Bristol Council

Bristol's ethnic minority communities are larger than ever - but diversity in local government is still lacking.

The Faces of Old Market

As the face of Old Market is set to change, we take a look at some of the faces.

The best of Bristol news

In which we lighten up and take a little time out from reporting on the bad and serious stuff going on in our fair city...

Interactive: The real reason thousands of Bristolians don't vote?

Thousands of Bristolians aren't voting. Why?

How to make your Bristol mayoral vote count

It's time for your occasional dose of electoral democracy. If you take it up, make sure you do it right!

Mayors: Strong leadership or unchecked power

Has having a directly elected mayor made a difference to Bristol's governance?

DIY Press: From conspiracy to community coverage

From yellowing pages of the 1960s to today, radical media reveals Bristol's history of alternative democratic engagement.

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