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Edition 9

The 9th edition of the cable is out

Edition 9

Opinions: Re-imagining the PRUs

Last edition, we investigated the surge in pupil exclusions from Bristol’s schools. Daniel Fox argues that ‘pupil referral units’ are an untapped resource to support vulnerable young people.

Opinions: If it ain't broke don't demolish it

Blowing the whistle, without getting whacked

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The beating heart in IKEA car park

Hidden away in the shadow of IKEA, the Eastville Social Club is still serving local communities.

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The sinkhole beneath our schools

I chose the way that speaks truth

An exiled Sudanese journalist tells her story of political repression, exile and integration

العنوان: لقد اخترت المسار الذي فيه يمكنني ان اقول الحقيقه

صحافيه سودانيه تتحدث من المنفى عن قصتها مع القمع السياسي والمنفى ومحاولات

Let there be cake: Sunday service at Bristol’s godless church

It’s been a few years since I went to church, so one Sunday I did – sort of. The monthly Sunday Assembly at the Trinity Centre, like most churches, offers singing and readings, inspiring sermons and quiet reflection.

The History is Black

Poem from Bristolian rapper, poet, and musician Splitz P.

Institutional racism in one graph?

Why are Britain’s own citizens proving so interesting to Immigration Enforcement officials?

The wolves at the door

Tight budgets call for imaginative use of money, but the LOBO loan scandal shows why playing the financial markets is a dangerous game for councils.

The NHS is on its knees

Our health service is in crisis, but what’s causing it? With such a colossal organisation there is no single answer, just death by a thousand cuts...

The infamous Berkeley affair

Peasants poached for survival, but landowners and the law brought them more misery.

Bringing braille back from the brink

Braille literacy has been in dramatic decline. Yet in Bristol, users and innovators are joining forces to create technology to save it.

Exclusive: Fracking protections at port not as claimed by former mayor and council

Investigation raises questions over safeguards against future oil and gas exploration.

This is about more than wolf-whistling

Attempts to get misogyny classed as a hate crime, as Nottinghamshire Police have done, are being twisted in the mainstream media. Ellie Vowles explains why it’s so important.

Black Lives Matter is an emergent force in the UK

The movement from the US is challenging today’s racism is all its forms, and can be just as relevant on this side of the Atlantic

Revealed: Bristol’s police and mass mobile phone surveillance

Evidence points to Avon and Somerset Constabulary and five other forces having bought devices that can spy on thousands of phones at a time...

In the interests of transparency: a window into the Cable

What is the ‘public interest’? If we were to judge it by the metrics of YouTube views or Facebook page likes, Psy’s Gangnam Style and Shakira would tick the box. Should the Cable publish predictable music videos or vacuous clickbait columns? The Cable media coordinators don't think so.

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