Housing Crisis Transparency


People block developers profiting from Bristol's housing crisis

Campaign against the Chocolate Factory development in Greenbank kicks back into action as developers begin work – minus any affordable housing.

Revealed: The aristocrats behind Totterdown’s unaffordable tower blocks

Opinion: Fitting that Bristol strikes at developers in week of Paradise Papers

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Finally: A victory on housing crisis transparency

A year later, the council have responded to calls to take on developers. Here is the Cable’s take. 


The council is still not publishing secret documents on housing


Breaking: Chocolate Factory development final decision

Half a billion to shareholders, next to no affordable housing for Bristol

A developer that made £1 billion in profit after tax in 2015 (yes, you read that correctly) is wriggling out of affordable housing obligations in...

4% "affordable" Easton development up for decision... again!

The controversial plans were deferred in November.

Chinese state is behind a zero affordable housing development in Bristol

And they’re “minimising” taxes.

£12 Million profit not enough for zero-affordable housing developer

The Bristol Post swallows developer’s line on Blackberry Hill development

A victory for housing crisis transparency in Bristol

The council have responded to Cable and community pressure and released documents on controversial developments.

How the ‘housing crisis’ is a crisis of policy, profiteering and politics

Housing development policy is marked by secrecy and misleading definitions. But can it be pushed back?

The offshore companies and billion pound corporations stealing Bristol’s homes

Four recent major applications reveal a picture of profiteering from the housing crisis

Breaking: Developers appeal on controversial housing development

Developers will seek to go over the head of local council to push through development

Councillors strike a blow for transparency regarding housing crisis

Housing developers are not going to be happy

The bankers & offshore companies behind Easton housing development

From Wall Street to Greenbank

Revealed: Developer’s huge price hike and outdated profit calculations

Controversial development set for decision on Wednesday as campaigners step up fight