Housing Crisis Transparency


People block developers profiting from Bristol’s housing crisis

Campaign against the Chocolate Factory development in Greenbank kicks back into action as developers begin work – minus any affordable housing.

Revealed: The aristocrats behind Totterdown’s unaffordable tower blocks

Opinion: Fitting that Bristol strikes at developers in week of Paradise Papers

Cable Community News

Finally: A victory on housing crisis transparency

A year later, the council have responded to calls to take on developers. Here is the Cable’s take. 


The council is still not publishing secret documents on housing


Breaking: Chocolate Factory development final decision

Half a billion to shareholders, next to no affordable housing for Bristol

A developer that made £1 billion in profit after tax in 2015 (yes, you read that correctly) is wriggling out of affordable housing obligations in...

4% “affordable” Easton development up for decision… again!

The controversial plans were deferred in November.

Chinese state is behind a zero affordable housing development in Bristol

And they’re “minimising” taxes.

£12 Million profit not enough for zero-affordable housing developer

The Bristol Post swallows developer’s line on Blackberry Hill development

A victory for housing crisis transparency in Bristol

The council have responded to Cable and community pressure and released documents on controversial developments.

How the ‘housing crisis’ is a crisis of policy, profiteering and politics

Housing development policy is marked by secrecy and misleading definitions. But can it be pushed back?