Police and Crime bill

Police and Crime bill

5 key moments in history that led to the Police and Crime Act

Now the government has restricted peaceful protest, criminal defence solicitor Matt Foot explains the history of violent policing at protests and outlines how we got here.

Mother of jailed Kill the Bill protester: ‘We never thought she’d get this long’ 

Police and Crime bill

‘Protest is the lifeblood of our democracy, and it’s under threat’

Raj Chada, a defence lawyer who represented the Colston Four, says prosecuting demonstrators is becoming a ‘reflex’ in the UK.

How stop and search will be entrenched by the Police and Crime Bill

Police and Crime bill

‘That’s not the way to legislate’: Lords slam the Police and Crime Bill for being too big, wide-ranging and draconian

Moving on: Bristol's Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities

Pandemic evictions and the Police and Crime Bill leave travelling communities fearful of what comes next

Kill the Bill riot trials

Read more about the trials

Police and Crime bill

Two women jailed after Kill the Bill violence

Jasmine York has been sentenced to 9 months for arson, after being found not guilt of riot, and Mariella Gedge-Roberts to 5.5 years for riot.

Kill the Bill protester cleared of riot, found guilty of arson

‘Sarah Everard had been let down by a police officer, and the thought of the police having more power scared me’ says riot accused

The defence have closed their case in the trial of Jasmine York, who is charged with riot and arson following a Kill the Bill protest in Bristol. She denies both charges.

Prosecution allege protestor was ‘leader’ of Kill the Bill riot, as jury hears accused was bitten by a police dog and hit by batons

The prosecution have laid out their case against Jasmine York, 26, who is on trial for riot and arson following a Kill the Bill protest in Bristol. She denies both charges.

Jury convicts man of riot and arson after first Kill the Bill trial

Ryan Roberts will be sentenced after a psychiatric assessment, in around six weeks.

Police used ‘excessive force’ during Bristol Kill the Bill protests, as parliamentary inquiry finds ‘significant failings’

Police and Crime bill

‘I was pretty scared so I was just in a ball’: Protesters speak out about police violence

We talk to protesters who say they were brutally attacked by police at the recent protests against the Police and Crime Bill.

Bristol’s fourth Police and Crime Bill protest remains peaceful after hands-off policing

After last week’s protests against the Police and Crime Bill saw heavy-handed policing and clashes with protesters, the city’s fourth demo last night went ahead peacefully with no intervention from the police.

Debunked: Expired MOT does not prove police vehicle fires were ‘staged’

Ever since a police van and car were set alight during disturbances in Bristol, false claims have circulated on social media that the vehicles’ expired MOTs prove that the events were ‘staged’.

Police and Mayor ‘decided collectively’ to clear sit-down protest on College Green

In a candid radio interview with the Bristol Police Area Commander this morning, it was disclosed that police decided collectively with the Mayor to clear...

Man charged with riot and arson says police escalated protest into violence

He is accused of trying to set police vehicles on fire during the Kill the Bill demo on 21 March, but blamed police for turning the protest violent.

Man denies setting fire to police vehicles in first Kill the Bill trial

25-year-old Ryan Roberts is charged with riot, attempted arson and arson in connection with the Bristol protest on 21 March that escalated into violence.

Tenth person jailed for involvement in Bristol Kill the Bill protest

Ryan Dwyer was arrested on warrant in Belfast last month in relation to his involvement in the Kill the Bill protest on 21 March.

Man gets 3½ years after pleading guilty to riot

Riot charges handed to Bristol Kill the Bill protesters are rare in recent history of unrest in Britain

Four more ‘Kill the Bill’ protesters plead not guilty to riot charge

This Week in Bristol: Kill the Bill protestors jailed for rioting, and Covid cases falling