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Exclusive: Council to “urgently” investigate Lopresti landlord business, but ice cream vans untouched for now

Wood-fired pizza ovens release as much of a deadly pollutant into Bristol air every hour as hundreds of diesel cars

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Extinction Rebellion may have dominated the headlines – but controversial debates are afoot in City Hall too

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Too hot to handle? Help us investigate fire at ‘The Office’ in Speedwell

Campaigners dial up pressure on Mayor in day of clean air protests

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Clean Air Plan: two options, no answers

Ideas And Action

Ken Macharia not detained after asylum refusal


Calls to take control of Bristol’s buses as First sell-off announced

Fight For Fair Air

Controversial gas power station refused at development committee

Ice Cream Slavery Case Banner Home Page

Ice cream boss Lopresti is slavery risk and banned from business, following Cable exposé

Fight For Fair Air

Planning officers recommend APPROVAL of St Philip’s Marsh gas plant

Bristol Airport: young activists target investors

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