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Boot Out Bailiffs

There’s a long tradition of campaigning journalism in local media. In our Annual General Meeting in 2017, Cable members gave the go ahead for the co-op to carry on this tradition.

Taking this lead, the Cable is launching a campaign to call on the council and mayor to stop using private hired muscle in the form of bailiffs to collect council tax debts.

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The extensive use of bailiffs by the council has dramatic and negative effects for tens of thousands of people in Bristol. Crucially, there are viable alternatives for families, communities and our city.

We’re calling on the Mayor and all political parties to commit to investigating alternative methods of collecting council tax, and begin a complete phase-out of the use of bailiffs.

Our campaign will include a series of investigations, strong voices and compelling arguments for alternatives, as we bring together individuals and organisations across the city who know that booting out the bailiffs is the right and necessary thing to do.




Charities call on councils nationwide to follow Bristol on bailiffs

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“I owed £1. Bailiffs and the council forced me to pay £311″

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We’re launching a campaign to stop the council setting bailiffs on Bristolians. Here’s why.

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The council have set bailiffs on tens of thousands of Bristolians. But there is another way.

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