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Addicted Bristol: Life and Death

A series by The Bristol Cable

Bristol’s drug problem is threatening lives more than ever.

We’re launching a series of stories about the people fighting addiction, treating it and pushing for reform.

With drug-related deaths at record highs and funding being cut from addiction services, it feels high-time to put drug use in Bristol under the microscope. For many people in our city, drugs can threaten lives while treatment can save them.

At what feels like a crucial time for drugs and drug policy, this series will tell stories of drug users at risk, former addicts now in recovery, the treatment systems aiming to get them clean and the policies that could reduce harm.

If you have personal experience of addiction in Bristol, get in touch confidentially here.

Illustration: Rosie Carmichael

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Study drugs: how some are dealing with pressure at university

Banner Home Page Reports

Revealed: Council shelves study into safe consumption rooms after restructure

Co-op Community

This is why you should vote to make drugs safer

Banner Home Page Voices

I was addicted to benzos. This is my story.

Lower Banner Home Page Edition 18

A safe fix for Bristol’s drug users and the city


An accident left him in constant pain. But medical cannabis is still out of reach.

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Bristol’s ketamine dealers: trapped in luxury

Investigations Banner Home Page

Revealed: Homemade Spice infiltrates Bristol prison

Co-op Community

How we got people talking about drugs in Bristol

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‘I’m sober now but without support, self-medication is always an option’


Landmark medicinal cannabis reforms don’t go far enough, say campaigners

Edition 17 Banner Home Page

Crack, heroin, Spice: A snapshot of Bristol’s street drug scene

Banner Home Page Voices

Bristol’s recovery community: overcoming addiction together

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Falling into crack addiction: “Wrong place, wrong time”


Drugs rehab Chandos House to close down


Drug poisoning deaths in Bristol remain near record levels

Interviews Banner Home Page

Will Self Interview: Rehab and Bristol’s “nasty” drug problem


Chandos House: Stories of recovery from Bristol’s last drugs rehab

Co-op Community

Addicted Bristol: Life and Death – why we’re running this series

Edition 16 Banner Home Page Investigations

Revealed: Bristol’s drug services dogged by problems

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