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  • Inside: Bristol’s Private Mental Health Services

    As NHS mental health beds remain in short supply, the private sector fills the gaps, but there are concerns about standards of care and accountability.

    This series will investigate poor care and explore why huge private companies are being paid by the NHS to care for people in most need.

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  • Investigations

    Revealed: The true story behind the closure of privately-run mental health ward at Priory Bristol

  • Features

    ‘It felt like a prison’: Teenager reveals traumatic time on private Bristol mental health ward

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  • Investigations

    Revealed: Failures in care for man who took his life at private mental health unit

  • Investigations

    Another private mental health ward for children has closed. Now Bristol has no residential beds.

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  • Opinion

    Opinion: ‘The NHS sends too many mental health patients to hospital for expensive, ineffective care’

  • Features

    Separated: The damaging rise in people sent to private mental health hospitals away from family

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