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What’s wrong with drugs?

Should drugs be legalised? How could harm from drugs be reduced in the city? Should recovery projects get more funding? How do public agencies approach drug use in Bristol?

Over autumn/winter 2017, after the government published its new Drug Strategy, the Cable is shining spotlights on the various ways drugs and drugs policy impact on the city and people who live here.

Stories will range from investigating the laws around and use of ‘new psychoactive substances’, to interviews with the politicians and campaigners arguing for more enlightened and evidence-based drugs policies, to the story of a former undercover police officer turned drugs reform activist.

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Inside the UK’s first ever city centre drug testing facility- in the heart of Bristol

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Revealed: ‘The most tradable prescription drug’ at HMP Bristol

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Pregabalin: Bristol’s ‘emerging’ prescription drug problem

City Reports

Drugs services: commissioning failure after funding cuts

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Drug use epidemic at HMP Bristol highlights prison system failings

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Voice: Drug deaths – “It doesn’t need to be this way”

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Putting an end to the drug war and “the reign of terror”

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“Keeping drugs illegal isn’t protecting people” – Bristol MP

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Drug deaths in Bristol sharply increase

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