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Fund our industrial reporting!

We need to find a small amount of funding for our reporting on industrial action during the rest of 2024. 

Our This Better Work series launched last year, producing a compelling run of articles on local strikes, the changing picture around workers’ rights, and the way unions are covered in the media – and we want to continue this important reporting strand. To do so, we need to raise £1,500 to fund our freelance reporter Adam Quarshie

If a handful of local workers and South West union branches are willing to come together to make a donation of a few hundred pounds each, the This Better Work series can go from strength to strength in 2024. 

This year, we’re planning a series of articles focusing on workplace organising and creative solutions to the cost of living crisis.

Rather than looking at trade union activity in isolation, Adam will explore collective bargaining/union organising as a way to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis and get a better deal for working people in Bristol – and beyond.

What we’re planning: 

  • Four to six articles showing how people from across Bristol are coping with and finding solutions to economic hardship. 
  • We’ll be speaking to a range of people, from union organisers and shop stewards to gig workers and delivery drivers in the gig economy, asking how they organise the challenges of their workplaces. 
      • What are the ways in which mutual aid groups  have mobilised to support and empower their communities? We’ll speak to co-operative members, and others exploring different economic setups in their workplaces.

      If you have any questions, contact Thanks in advance!

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