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The Cable takes tip-offs seriously. We work with investigative journalists, lawyers and whistleblowers to make sure that confidentiality is upheld and information is dealt with professionally and sensitively.

Tip-offs and leads

A community newspaper is only as good as its community, because you are our eyes and ears on the ground.

Whether it’s a dispute with your bosses, a new development moving into your area, a council policy that’s making life difficult, or an issue on your mind, we’d like to hear about it.

Likewise if you know of people creating change or presenting solutions for the challenges facing Bristol we want to know.

One-off pitches

Got a one-off story you’d like to write for the Cable? Or want to create some multimedia content (e.g. film/ photography/ podcast/ design)?

Familiarise yourself with what we are looking for before submitting your idea using the ‘Make a Pitch’ form.

Please be aware when considering your pitch:

  • Please check if and how we have previously covered the topic at the Cable.
  • We look for originality – please check how much coverage the issue has got in other local publications before submitting to the Cable.
  • Do you have the time? Can you complete your piece in time that it is still relevant, including the potential time needed to redraft or do additional research if necessary?
  • Depending on the story, you may need to work quite closely with a media coordinator to produce your content.
  • Are you the best person to write it? – If you’re reporting on a particular community, is it your story, or theirs? Have you considered working with them to tell their own story?

Unfortunately, we are a limited team with limited resources and can’t accept every pitch. Please note we receive a large number of pitches and are a small team, if you have not heard from us within three weeks, please assume your pitch has been unsuccessful this time.

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