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About us

For the past 10 years, the Bristol Cable has been a voice for the city.

Local news wasn’t working as it should, so we changed the narrative. Now, we’re powered by 2,500 people and growing.

We think reporting the issues on our doorstep matters. Because there, we can make change and spark a movement.

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How much should I pay?

No matter what you pay we operate a one member, one vote policy. We recommend one hour’s wages for full time employees.

Paying annually if you can, rather than monthly, also improves the Cable’s sustainability.

If you’re a high earner, consider giving more on behalf of those who can’t.

What does the Cable do with the money?

69% of our budget goes toward paying our staff a living wage (nice). Our budget is currently £375,000/yr (£7,200/wk) which, to produce quality journalism, is incredibly thrifty! We hope to increase it.

Here are some examples:

  • 1 member @£10/month = 1 article/yr
  • 3 @£10/month = 1 event
  • 235 @£10/month – 1 full-time salary
  • 1,050 @£10/month = 1 year-long investigation


Why are you asking for more than I give to a national paper?

You’ll not only be funding quality local journalism, but also forging a new, sustainable business model for local journalism. Locals don’t have the same membership pool to reach out to as nationals do, so we ask those who can contribute more to do so. Find out more.