Bristol and the Climate Crisis

Watch: Adblock Bristol demands a ban on fossil fuel advertising

Campaigners are determined that Bristol follows in the footsteps of other councils by ridding the streets of high carbon advertising.

Bristol becomes first UK city to ban ads for junk food, payday loans and gambling

“Parks aren’t there for making money”

Ideas and Action

‘Low impact’ advertising in parks to be considered despite public opposition

Advertising is likely to be allowed in parks, with the possibility of billboards appearing in the future.


Do you want advertising in your parks?


Data leaves Bristol, dark ads arrive: how microtargeting is changing elections

Help us track election adverts on Facebook

Sign up to Who Targets Me, and help the Cable find out how political parties are targeting Bristolians on facebook.

Subverting the City: the ad takeover

In Bristol and around the world, groups like Brandalism are using subversive tactics to confront outdoor advertising in our everyday life.