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Hiring: Community and Events Organiser

The Bristol Cable is an internationally recognised pioneer in building a new model for journalism. We – 2000 members (and growing) – are changing what local media looks like: in what we produce, how it’s produced, and who owns it.

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Why we became Bristol Cable members (and why you should too!)

Co-op Community

The Bristol Cable wins major grant funding

What this exciting grant means for the Cable, how members got us here, and why it’s still all about membership.

Co-op Community

Co-op note: investing in what?

Listen: Sneak peak on Cable Issue 11!

A sneak peak from co-ordinators of issue 11 of the Cable.

The Bristol Cable’s much more than just the paper

As thousands know, the Cable’s much more than just the paper in your hands. As a media co-operative, each and every member has an equal share and say - making us a tad different from your typical media baron-owned outlets.

Our 2016 favourites: Cable features

Here’s a selection of the best features the Cable has produced over the last year.

Blowing the whistle, without getting whacked

As we launch our training programme for journalists, let’s not forget about the real lifeblood of any news organisation – the sources.

In the interests of transparency: a window into the Cable

What is the ‘public interest’? If we were to judge it by the metrics of YouTube views or Facebook page likes, Psy’s Gangnam Style and Shakira would tick the box. Should the Cable publish predictable music videos or vacuous clickbait columns? The Cable media coordinators don't think so.

Virtual meetings at the Cable

Members get involved in key areas of content and events.

Talking to fascists, reporting on fascism: join an online debate

Should we speak to fascists? An experiment in e-democracy at the Bristol Cable.

We’re aware that the elections in May are pretty boring, so...

That’s what journalism should be about: holding power to account and exploring solutions. That’s what the Cable co-op stands for.

Cable Media Workshops: our human experiences

The Bristol Cable collaborated with the Creative Youth Network to deliver a powerful programme with young creatives to produce their own zine. Participants got tooled...

A crucial year for our city.

A few words from the editorial collective...

Want to join the Cable team?

We’re looking for motivated people who want to contribute to and gain experience from this unique media co-op

5 powerful Voices from the past year

Voices from communities across Bristol

6 memorable investigations we published this year

Millions of pounds invested in fossil fuels by Bristol University and Avon Pension Fund. Tax haven based companies leasing properties from Bristol City Council. Building...

A year of People's History. 6 of the best.

Mass Grave of Victorian Paupers Discovered in Eastville. Who were they and what did they endure? Issue 1.   2. Victorian Bristol’s radical coffee taverns –...

Cable film screening: Cartel Land (2015)

Come along on the 17th December 2015 to our screening of this unmissable documentary