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Explainer: How Bristolians are keeping proper journalism alive

If all our members gave £2 more a month, we’d smash our campaign target overnight.

Hiring: Community and Events Organiser

Edition 16 OUT NOW

Cable Community News

Why we became Bristol Cable members (and why you should too!)

You can help sustain and grow the UK's only city-wide media co-op! The Bristol Cable makes media which holds power to account, raises up voices that need to be heard, and trains local people in media skills.

Cable Community News

The Bristol Cable wins major grant funding

Cable Community News

Co-op note: investing in what?

Edition 12 OUT NOW

It couldn’t be clearer that the media landscape in the UK is seriously broken. Throughout the election period the rightwing press gave a glaring demonstration of their attitude towards fair and accurate reporting.

Listen: Sneak peak on Cable Issue 11!

A sneak peak from co-ordinators of issue 11 of the Cable.

The Bristol Cable’s much more than just the paper

As thousands know, the Cable’s much more than just the paper in your hands. As a media co-operative, each and every member has an equal share and say - making us a tad different from your typical media baron-owned outlets.

Our 2016 favourites: Cable features

Here’s a selection of the best features the Cable has produced over the last year.

Blowing the whistle, without getting whacked

As we launch our training programme for journalists, let’s not forget about the real lifeblood of any news organisation – the sources.

In the interests of transparency: a window into the Cable

What is the ‘public interest’? If we were to judge it by the metrics of YouTube views or Facebook page likes, Psy’s Gangnam Style and Shakira would tick the box. Should the Cable publish predictable music videos or vacuous clickbait columns? The Cable media coordinators don't think so.