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Image of the remnants of an anti-aircraft gun position at Purdown, Bristol. Nearby military huts were squatted after the Second World War (credit: Eugene Byrne)

People's History

'Staking a claim': how the postwar housing crisis led to a mass squatting movement

After the Second World War, Britain faced an acute shortage of homes. The remarkable outbreak of civil disobedience that followed is being remembered as part of a two-month festival of working-class history in South Bristol.

The infamous Berkeley affair

The history of struggle at Avonmouth Docks

People's History

The Forgotten Forest Charter

Colin Thomas of the Bristol Radical History Group looks at the age-old battle over British land use

Edition 3

An age old question in Bristol: Elections or direct actions?

Edition 2

Victorian Bristol’s radical coffee taverns – Educate, Agitate, Percolate?

The Glorious Dead

In this article we take a look at some of Bristol’s pacifists, objectors and mutineers and the struggles they faced during World War 1.

Mass Grave of Victorian Paupers discovered in Eastville

A mass grave of Victorian workhouse paupers has been discovered in Eastville. Who were they and what did they endure? By Di Parkin. Illustrated by...