Residents slam 'serious flaw' in planning process in campaign to save threatened trees

Crucial questions remain unanswered in the ongoing fight to protect M32 Maples, including who owns the trees.

The contested future of St Philip's Marsh

People block developers profiting from Bristol's housing crisis


Iconic Bristol Bearpit billboard removed

The battle to reshape the Bearpit took a new turn today as the council removed Bristol’s only non-corporate billboard.

Ideas and Action

Baling out the housing crisis


The community razed to the ground for a road that was never built

The Bearpit: contested hub of struggles for Bristol

Bristol’s infamous Bearpit has undergone an image change in recent years – but rising homelessness means it’s now a site of conflict between wealthier incomers and some of the city’s most vulnerable people.

McDonald’s planning inquiry ends

Local residents complain of being ‘treated with contempt’ by fast food giant, as legal proceedings conclude.

“This plan empowers and gives us a stronger voice”

Lawrence Weston’s Neighbourhood Development Plan shows what reclaiming local power can look like.

How the ‘housing crisis’ is a crisis of policy, profiteering and politics

Housing development policy is marked by secrecy and misleading definitions. But can it be pushed back?

The offshore companies and billion pound corporations stealing Bristol’s homes

Four recent major applications reveal a picture of profiteering from the housing crisis

Opinions: If it ain't broke don't demolish it

Members of the newly formed Sorting Office Revisioning Team group (SORT) argue that the development of the Temple Meads site should truly reflect the needs of Bristol residents and the environment

The beating heart in IKEA car park

Hidden away in the shadow of IKEA, the Eastville Social Club is still serving local communities.

More tenant protection, more landlord loopholes

The Cable asks if licensing landlords actually protects tenants in Easton, Eastville and St George. Photo: Drew Rose In Bristol 25% of residents privately rent...

At last, there's hope for Bristol buses

After decades of damaging public transport deregulation, there's a chink of light on the horizon for cities like Bristol.

New challenges for a booming Bristol

Bristol's population is projected to have surpassed half a million by 2029, growing at a faster rate than the rest of England. With a changing population, both in size and nature, what implications might this have for democracy, participation, and cohesion in the city?

The history of struggle at Avonmouth Docks

The Avonmouth Docks have been a site of dispute since opening in 1877 as detailed in these six events from 1923 to the present day.

Council sinks millions into Bristol North Baths "train wreck" development

On Tuesday, mayor George Ferguson admitted that the Bristol North Baths development was a “train wreck”. Ten years ago, Bristol City Council closed Bristol North...

Housing problems, unviable solutions

View Infographic Developers’ strong hand helps to squeeze Bristol’s supply of affordable homes

A worrying trend: The Rise of Luxury Student Accommodation

Alex Rankin looks at the growth of upmarket student accommodation and its effect on the local area. Bristol has always had a strong student presence....

Going Out in Style

Local journalist and author, David Goldblatt, gives his take on Bristol Rovers’ trials and tribulations, on and off the pitch. Illustrated by Laurence Ware.

Fifth Capital’s Carriageworks redevelopment: “a degree smoke and mirrors.”

A planning proposal to be submitted this autumn by property developer Fifth Capital could kick-start the redevelopment of the long derelict Westmoreland House and Carriageworks...