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‘Never has it been more important for disabled people to have a voice’

George Ayres talks to disability rights activist Mark Williams about the shift in focus in disability rights activism and his campaign for visitation rights for disabled patients during coronavirus.

Bristol SEND crisis: from isolation to family

We're sick of struggling to navigate our city


Celebrating Bristol

Nightclubs, neighbours and newsagents - how people are making the city a better place to live.


The cared-for become carers


I'm voting to stop the assault on disabled people's rights

"It will be more difficult to cope."

Disabled people and carers speak out on Bristol cuts impacts.

How will council cuts affect you? Social care

The Cable would like to hear from readers about how you think the council’s proposed cuts will affect you or your family.

Bringing braille back from the brink

Braille literacy has been in dramatic decline. Yet in Bristol, users and innovators are joining forces to create technology to save it.

5 more years of austerity! Frontline workers speak out

Following on from yesterday’s big anti-cuts demonstration in Bristol we spoke to frontline workers about their fears for the next five years. The shock is wearing off,...

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