Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Neil Maggs

Listen: Bristol Unpacked on raising the next generation through a nursery crisis, with local head teacher Sam Williams

Nurseries are key to children's development, but the sector is facing a protracted crisis of funding and stability. Neil asks head teacher Sam Williams how to give kids the best start.

‘Childcare costs prevent countless ambitious women from fulfilling their potential’

When it doesn’t pay to work: how universal free childcare would help us all


As the childcare crisis fuels inequality for women and children, mums are demanding action

The childcare system is at breaking point both in Bristol and nationally, with mothers being forced out of the workforce as costs rise and provision shrinks.


Parents and staff warn of post-Covid nursery placement shortage

Image of Simon Holmes, head teacher at St Philips Marsh Nursery School (credit: Aphra Evans)


Bristol’s nursery schools battle to stay afloat as government proposals offer lifeline

Bristol nurseries ‘are being asked to run a bankruptcy model’ during coronavirus

We talk to a nursery manager about the financial impact of coronavirus and the future of early years provision in Bristol.