Budget cut proposals face criticism ahead of crucial council vote

Opposition councillors have responded to the Labour administration's plans to fill a £19m hole in the city’s finances. After last year’s election results, the mayor needs cross party support to get his budget approved. 

Council to cut management jobs and hike parking fees but protect frontline services in bid to fill £20m budget gap

Beloved Bristol brewery forced to ask for crowdfunding to stay afloat

Coronavirus in Bristol

Local delivery app launches to ‘save’ Bristol’s independent bars and restaurants

The app will be an alternative to Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo, putting money back in the pockets of business owners fighting to stay afloat during the pandemic.

Coronavirus in Bristol

Bristol hospitality sector under threat pleads for rent help from council and government

Solutions in Bristol

Meet the Bristol collective putting surplus wealth in the hands of people tackling injustice

Bristol: A city of solutions

There’s already so much great work being done across the city to find solutions. Here’s just a few ...

Bristol History Podcast: Bristol's Overseas Trade

Bristol was born as a trading hub. We look at the history of the city's overseas trade, from its foundation to present day.

Opinion: Bristol Pound ‘looks like Monopoly money’, but is quite the opposite

It may not solve everything but it is a great start.

Stokes Croft's Best Supermarket... and Bitcoin

Who’d have thought that the unassuming corner shop could be home to a cryptocurrency ATM?