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‘From climate to jobs, there is no justification for Bristol airport expansion’

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Opinion: Electric cars are not the answer

Fight For Fair Air Reports

Government piles pressure on mayor over dirty air

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Lawyers are threatening action over council’s “seriously flawed” clean air plans

Reports Fight For Fair Air

Wood-fired pizza ovens release as much of a deadly pollutant into Bristol air every hour as hundreds of diesel cars


How to win over the masses: what next for Extinction Rebellion Bristol?

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Extinction Rebellion may have dominated the headlines – but controversial debates are afoot in City Hall too

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‘It’s time to force supermarkets to reduce plastic waste’

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Farming’s devastating impact on urban air pollution


Campaigners dial up pressure on Mayor in day of clean air protests

City Voices

Voices: Clean air for Bristol is taking too long

Bristol History Podcast Podcast

Bristol History Podcast: Natural History of the West Country

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