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Fossil Fuels

Banner Home Page Edition 16 Bristol And Beyond

100,000 local people are being told investing in oil can avert climate change

Edition 16 Bristol And Beyond

Major increases in fossil fuel investments despite pension fund ‘Responsible Investment’ efforts

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Paradise Papers: watch exclusive interview with chairman of Glencore – world’s biggest mining company

Voices Ideas And Action

My journey with fossil fuels divestment

Bristol And Beyond Reports

Bristol Uni announces big plans for fossil fuels divestment

Bristol And Beyond Edition 10 Banner Home Page

Meet the man desperately trying to frack the South West

Banner Home Page Reports

Our 2016 favourites: Cable news

Voices Ideas And Action Banner Home Page

Breaking: Uni body votes to divest £3 million in fossil fuels

Reports Ideas And Action

Bristol Uni may move to drop £3 million in fossil fuels tomorrow

Ideas And Action Voices Banner Home Page

Bristol Uni: Don’t waste opportunity to divest from climate change

Banner Home Page City

Millions of fossil fuel investments in question ahead of Uni divestment vote

Reports Features City

Exclusive: Millions wiped off Avon Pension Fund fossil fuel investments

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