general election 2024

Individual speaking about the need for investment in youth services to end knife crime and youth violence, with text stating 'GE2024: What We Want', for The Bristol Cable.

General Election 2024

VIDEO: What We Want – An investment in young people and services to end knife crime and youth violence

We’re just days away from the general election. In this short video series What We Want, we ask youth workers what they want to see change after 14 years of the Tories.

VIDEO: What We Want – Bristol’s frontline workers reveal their priorities for the next government

Election hopefuls feel the heat on independent living, accessible housing and disability rights

General Election 2024

Listen: Area in Focus – will Rees‑Mogg lose to Norris in North East Somerset and Hanham?

Across the Bristol area, people are deciding how they will cast their ballots on 4 July. With polls finding many Conservatives in previously safe areas are vulnerable to losing their seats, is Jacob Rees-Mogg a goner?

The Cable's 2024 general election logo over a monochrome image of the House of Commons

General Election 2024

#GE2024: What do party manifestos say about media?

General Election 2024

Could Bristol get its first Green MP? Inside the battle for Bristol Central