General Elections

Bristol and Beyond

5 more years of austerity! Frontline workers speak out

Following on from yesterday’s big anti-cuts demonstration in Bristol we spoke to frontline workers about their fears for the next five years. The shock is wearing off,...

“An Illegitimate goverment with scary policies”: Thousands of Bristolians protest against Tory cuts

Between the Ballots

Ideas and Action

Anarchists vandalise Tory MP’s house

Anarchists in Bristol have ruptured a 1,300 litre heating oil drum at the home of Charlotte Leslie, the Conservative MP candidate for Bristol North West.

photo: mat a

Edition 3

Candidate campaign promo – colourful tactics?

Edition 3

Somali: Codka Soomaalidu saameyn intee leeg ayuu doorashada 2015 ku yeelan karaa?

Will Somali voters determine Bristol’s 2015 General Election?

“Somalis must vote, they must exercise their rights and must use their voice” Ruqiya Hassan  The first in a series of foreign language articles, there...

Video: Get Heard Bristol West

  The Get Heard Bristol election night was a rammed and fiery event, attended by up to 400 people at the Malcolm X Centre on...

Packed and charged audience at Get Heard Bristol West event

Photos: Alfie Lake It was a rammed night at the Malcolm X Centre for the Get Heard Bristol West General Election event. In a broad...

Darren Hall: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then you win.”

Can the Greens reach out beyond their liberal middle-class heartland to secure a victory? Joe Smith spoke with Darren Hall, the Green Party candidate for...

An age old question in Bristol: Elections or direct actions?

130 years ago Bristol workers made a direct challenge to the power structure of the time.

Film: Ken Loach on Left Unity and General Elections 2015

Film Director and co-founder of the Left Unity party, Ken Loach, spoke to The Bristol Cable about the upcoming general election and why he’s backing...