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General Elections

Ideas And Action Reports Bristol And Beyond City

5 more years of austerity! Frontline workers speak out

City Reports Ideas And Action

“An Illegitimate goverment with scary policies”: Thousands of Bristolians protest against Tory cuts

Ideas And Action Voices Features Edition 3

Between the Ballots

Reports Ideas And Action

Anarchists vandalise Tory MP’s house

Edition 3 Features

Candidate campaign promo – colourful tactics?

Features Edition 3

Somali: Codka Soomaalidu saameyn intee leeg ayuu doorashada 2015 ku yeelan karaa?

Edition 3 Features

Will Somali voters determine Bristol’s 2015 General Election?


Video: Get Heard Bristol West


Packed and charged audience at Get Heard Bristol West event

Edition 3 City Features

Darren Hall: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then you win.”

People's History Edition 3 Ideas And Action

An age old question in Bristol: Elections or direct actions?

Voices Film

Film: Ken Loach on Left Unity and General Elections 2015

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