Green Capital


“Underhand and sneaky”: Plutus Energy plan new power station

Energy company make second attempt to build an inner city power station in the city’s most deprived ward.

Bristol’s invisible killer

Green Capital? 2015 was “extremely difficult”, says Bristol wind power CEO

Cable Community News

The Bristol Post just stooped to a new low. Here’s why…

In responding to renewed controversy about Green Capital and the complete lack of transparency over£8 Million worth of public money and corporate involvement, the Post...


Green Capital finances can’t take scrutiny?


“Probably carcinogenic” chemicals, but will the council dither?

The 10% energy reduction challenge – your New Year’s resolution

Whichever way you look at it, we – as individuals - need to cut our energy consumption.

Thousands march for climate action. But what next?

Bristolians march in solidarity with thousands across the world. World leaders talk.

Holding Green Capital accountants to account

In August 2014, it was announced that KPMG would be one of Bristol Green Capital's (BGC) private sponsors, alongside First Group. Details of what, exactly, this sponsorship entails are yet to be made public.

Solar Tree Roots Out Social Inequality

A solar energy tree project sees local artist, energy consultant, science museum, and drug and alcohol support service collaborate to address social inequality and environmental sustainability.

Chilly outlook? Warm Up Bristol company in administration

Is Bristol City Council’s flagship energy saving scheme in jeopardy?

Solar flair or damp squib?

In 2013, Bristol council announced ambitious plans to cut its tenants’ energy bills by putting solar panels on their roofs. Two years on, we find...