Image of performers on stage with Hartcliffe's Brave Bold Drama organisation (credit: Clare Stott)


Inside the Hartcliffe theatre and creative arts organisation giving a lifeline to south Bristol families

Brave Bold Drama breaks down the financial and geographical barriers south Bristolians face in accessing theatre and the creative arts. But its stability is under threat as one of its founders faces eviction.

Tenants facing eviction at Hartcliffe allotments fight to save a decade of growing

‘Children are being deprived of feeling part of their city’


In Hartcliffe antisocial behaviour is about more than young people acting up

The common media portrayal of Hartcliffe as being closer to Baghdad than Bedminster is clearly nonsense. But the issue is raw and touches on deeper questions.

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Meet Kerry, the Hartcliffe community activist on a mission


Watch: Hartcliffe Aspirations, a short doc with Paul Holbrook

Hartcliffe Children’s Centre: staff numbers halved, parents worried

Staff cuts have hit children’s centres across Bristol under the council’s new model. Hartcliffe, one of the most deprived parts of the city, is no different.

The disillusioned voters in Labour’s South Bristol stronghold

We headed to South Bristol to hear what voters are thinking about the upcoming election and find out which issues are important to them. We could have spent...

Burning into national consciousness: looking back on the Hartcliffe riots

Hartcliffe rioted twenty-three years ago, soon after the last Conservative government was elected. We cast an eye back to dark times and the seeds of...

My story: Getting back on my feet after alcohol

Cartoon: Getting back on my feet after alcohol