Local Elections 2021

Rising hate crime: A key concern for voters in PCC election

The Police and Crime Commissioner candidates are asked how they plan to reduce hate crime and rebuild trust among local communities

The ‘senseless’ racist murder over a stolen bike

Enslaved person's gravestone vandalised in Bristol in racist retaliation attack for toppling of Colston statue


The far-right bomb maker who wasn’t charged with terrorism offences

He built bombs and published racist, far-right views online. Why wasn't Matthew Glynn charged with terrorism offences?


Policewoman who Tasered Ras Judah found not guilty of assault


Bijan Ebrahimi's nephew: "We all let my uncle down, we must all fight a racist system"

"Are you sexually confused?": Prejudice in mental health services

"You're sexually confused": Historically, LGBT+ people have been treated appallingly by mental health professionals and institutions, and the situation is still problematic today, says Luke Carter.

Hate crime: Bristol's survivors and statistics

“It’s a sign of the times,” Tariq* said to his daughter, trying to explain to the 12-year-old why her school mates won’t sit next to...

This is about more than wolf-whistling

Attempts to get misogyny classed as a hate crime, as Nottinghamshire Police have done, are being twisted in the mainstream media. Ellie Vowles explains why it’s so important.

A victim of racist abuse turned to me and got me thinking

How to tackle racism in the workplace? A quiet word or public shame? Photo: Andrew Gwozdziwycz

Avon and Somerset Police rank worst for hate crime action

Avon and Somerset Police are ranked worst among the nation’s 13 largest police forces in taking action against hate crime.

“People galvanised their resolve to stand up against bigotry”

Photos: Colin Moody On 17th January, bacon was thrown at the windows of Jamia Mosque, Totterdown. A St George flag – mostly associated with nationalist...