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Hostile Environment


A morning with activists taking direct action against immigration enforcement

The group said the action was in response to the "institutional racism of the government's hostile environment policy".

Bristol will not be joining 11 councils refusing to co-operate on plans to deport rough sleepers

Ken Macharia not detained after asylum refusal

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Revealed: Evidence of racial profiling of thousands of British citizens by Home Office

MPs call for change as British citizens are being stopped in their thousands for immigration crimes, Cable investigation finds.

Bristol and Beyond

Every week in Patchway, dozens of people face the long arm of the hostile environment

Person being escorted on to a uk border agency coach


Interview: Kingswood man facing controversial deportation

A community fights for asylum justice

Bristol Bison rugby player Ken Macharia speaks about his experience of detention, as the system comes under the spotlight.

Council to vote to condemn immigration detention

These Walls Must Fall campaign gaining ground in Bristol and around the country.

“Why we’re extending solidarity to all migrants”

Alice Cutler is the Welcome Centre Manager at Bristol Refugee Rights.

UPDATE: Man detained in Easton immigration raid released after “further checks”

The raid made national news as a show of dissent to the ‘hostile environment’ immigration regime.

100 people blockaded an immigration raid for seven hours in Easton last night

People took to the streets of Easton in an act of defiance against the government’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration enforcement regime.

Rough sleeping EU migrants are safe from Immigration Enforcement and the council, for now

 One less thing to fear for the city’s rough sleepers

Plans to deport rough sleepers ruled illegal

Council plans to work with the government’s Immigration Enforcement to detain and remove European rough sleepers from the UK has been thrown into doubt.

This is how many Bristol rough sleepers will be 'removed' from UK

Documents obtained by the Cable show the council plans for removing immigrant rough sleepers

Revealed: Council already reporting homeless to Immigration Enforcement

Joint operations between the council and Immigration Enforcement have been ongoing for at least two years

Brits most ‘stopped and checked’ for immigration crimes they can’t commit

Data suggests racial profiling in 11 major UK cities.

Council to work with immigration enforcement to deport rough sleepers

New funding targets individuals for detention.

Schools, children’s data... and immigration enforcement

The Cable interviews Jen Persson, director of the national campaign defenddigitalme, which aims to stop the government sharing the personal data of millions of children with a plethora of third parties – and the Home Office.

Local NHS staff resist plans to charge migrants for healthcare

Health workers claim cuts and privitisation threaten NHS, not migrants – and they’re not willing to act as ‘border guards’.

179% increase in immigration enforcement visits

Illustration: Luke Carter ( Hoos u turjumaad Soomaali: Scroll down for Somali translation As the humanitarian crisis unfolds in Calais and places further afield, it’s...

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