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Banner Home Page Housing Bristol Edition 20

Some locals are financially benefiting from gentrification in St Pauls. But at a cost.

Reports Ice Cream Slavery Case Banner Home Page

Exclusive: Council to “urgently” investigate Lopresti landlord business, but ice cream vans untouched for now

Edition 20 Banner Home Page Opinion

Goodbye to unfair letting fees 

Banner Home Page Edition 20 Reports

Too hot to handle? Help us investigate fire at ‘The Office’ in Speedwell

Banner Home Page Edition 19 Opinion

Tiny homes: ‘An innovative way of getting people to accept less’

Banner Home Page Edition 19 Features

From homes for heroes to a housing crisis: a potted history of Bristol’s council housing

Moving On: Racism Against Travellers Bristol And Beyond Banner Home Page

Tory MP wants to get rid of sites and move Travellers into houses

Edition 18 Moving On: Racism Against Travellers Banner Home Page

Road to nowhere: Bristol’s hidden housing crisis

Banner Home Page Edition 18 Investigations Lower Banner Home Page

How two survivors of abuse were failed. And how they fought back.

Edition 17 Banner Home Page Features

Hundreds of Bristolians face landlords with an ultimate legal power. But a rebellion is growing

Banner Home Page Housing Crisis Transparency City Reports

People block developers profiting from Bristol’s housing crisis

City Reports Banner Home Page

Hamilton House owners shut out Coexist after decade of managing building

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