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Coronavirus in Bristol

Editorial: Journalism is a public service. It should act like it. And it needs you to support it.

Could the pandemic force newspapers to reconsider their priorities and better serve public needs?

My journey into journalism

Why we go beyond flash in the pan reporting

Ideas and Action

WATCH: Searching the natural world for new antibiotics

Could the deep sea help us fight antibiotic resistance? Sam Williams, Phd student at the University of Bristol’s School of Biochemistry, explains how his work...

Ideas and Action

WATCH: simple steps to fight fake news

Co-op Community

Watch: An event to tackle the pale, male and stale media

Listen: Debating diversity in the media

In December, the Cable brought together members of the local community and media organisations to discuss issues of representation. Listen to the full conversation here...

Taking on diversity beyond tokens

In December, the Cable brought together members of the local community and media organisations to discuss issues of representation.

OPINION: BBC wrong to host climate skeptic

Cable member Graham McGrath, a Bristol-based environmental consultant, says the BBC were wrong to host Lord Lawson, the well known climate skeptic.

WON WHAT?! The press lost this election

IT WAS THE SUN WOT FUDGED IT. For the most part, the tabloids and broadsheets were way off the mark in their election coverage, and...

Dont knock EastEnders, it has important lessons for us all

A social worker justifies their not-so-guilty pleasure.

The Bristol Cable’s much more than just the paper

As thousands know, the Cable’s much more than just the paper in your hands. As a media co-operative, each and every member has an equal share and say - making us a tad different from your typical media baron-owned outlets.

You need the Cable and the Cable needs you!

The rise and fall of Bristol’s print industry

Memories of hot metal, union pride and livelihoods in the city

Chasing hard facts in a post-truth world

Depending on your political slant, the year just ended was a time of incredulous horror or a breath of fresh air. A globally turbulent 2016 saw Western societal foundations trembling and – on the surface at least – perceived elites showing cracks.

The Cable will not decide on press regulation without full co-op consultation

The Cable will not settle a position on press regulation without thorough consultation with members and advisors.

"You have to change things": Interview with leading investigative journalist

The Bristol Cable invited Meirion Jones, the Investigations Editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism to talk.

Blowing the whistle, without getting whacked

As we launch our training programme for journalists, let’s not forget about the real lifeblood of any news organisation – the sources.

The so-called exclusives of Bristol media...

The best of the city’s (other) local media bravely fighting the good fight…

The Bristol Post just stooped to a new low. Here’s why...

In responding to renewed controversy about Green Capital and the complete lack of transparency over£8 Million worth of public money and corporate involvement, the Post...

Who owns your local media?

A look at the ownership structure of Trinity Mirror, the company behind Local World and Bristol Post

Destination unknown: Trinity Mirror, the Bristol Post and the erosion of local media

Taking the ‘local’ out of Local World, and the journalism out of our media

Tony Blair is right to call himself a nincompoop,

but not because of the Freedom of Information Act

Media: business or public service?

In his statement to the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices, and ethics of the press that followed the phone hacking scandal in 2011, the...

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