Series: Working in the NHS

"Privatising non-emergency ambulance services is bad for patients"

Across the south west, patient transport services have been transferred to private firms. But, a former NHS employee argues, the process has raised serious questions about their ability to do the job – and about wider fragmentation of our health system.

'The difference between First Bus and buses that work for us is political pressure'

North Bristol NHS bosses scrap plans to privatise staff management


NHS cuts hit fertility treatments

The local NHS has angered patients by restricting its criteria for IVF eligibility, at the same time as privatising Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine.

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The scandalous privatisation of student debt will affect us all, not just graduates


Can you cover a black hole with a MAT?

No more National Health Service

Sustainability and transformation plans are the Department of Health’s latest scheme to try to prevent the NHS slamming into the brick wall it’s accelerating towards. But are they going to work?

The sinkhole beneath our schools

Bristol’s education system is struggling because of poorly planned and hopelessly optimistic private finance initiative contracts.

The NHS is on its knees

Our health service is in crisis, but what’s causing it? With such a colossal organisation there is no single answer, just death by a thousand cuts...

Academies: Pass, Fail, See Me.

“You can have any school you like – as long as it’s an academy.”

The profitable world of housing Bristol’s homeless

Bristol’s biggest provider of emergency family accommodation had been evicting settled tenants to turn flats into high rent emergency housing. We look further into the murky, profitable world of housing the city’s homeless.

Bristol firm profiting from housing homeless – by kicking other tenants out

Bristol emergency housing provider evicting settled tenants and converting homes into high-rent emergency accommodation More on this story: Meet the evicted tenants & Landlords doorstepped by...

Interactive map: Who runs Bristol’s secondary schools?

If you’re worried about all of the city’s schools becoming academies, don’t be….

NHS in Bristol propose controversial rule change for contracts

Clinical Commissioning Group claims just a “minor change” despite protests

Help! Help! To Southmead Hospital (via Guernsey)

Bristol is home to one of the largest Private Finance Initiative hospitals in the country. But what is PFI? How does it work? And how can we find out more?

Healthcare at risk: the flight of junior doctors

Wider consequences about new contract reform outplay risks of strike says Bristol based junior doctor

Holding Green Capital accountants to account

In August 2014, it was announced that KPMG would be one of Bristol Green Capital's (BGC) private sponsors, alongside First Group. Details of what, exactly, this sponsorship entails are yet to be made public.

Subsidies on board

With private companies in charge of operating Bristol’s essential network of bus services, corporate welfare means taxpayers pay twice

Who owns Bristol?

What happens when public spaces become privately owned?

Award-winning Bristol novelist backs NHS children's health services campaign

Award-winning Bristol novelist backs campaign to keep children’s health services within the NHS, as private firms Virgin Care and Sirona Care are announced as the short-listed candidates for interim...

Investigation: Bristol's most vulnerable children face sell-off threat to services

In a surprising move North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) have announced that they are not bidding for the contract to continue providing their current Children’s...

MITIE fine?

In the first of a series, we take a look at some of the corporate movers and shakers headquartered in Bristol. Illustration: Kleiner Shames

Millions of pounds of Bristol NHS money paid to private company operating in city for ‘doing nothing’

Mike Campbell of Protect Our NHS reveals the deals that see a company in Bristol and a Bristol MP doing well out of NHS sell...